Oct 16, 2018

Gold Numbers of web free parts

 Gold Numbers of web free parts 

Gold Numbers
Gold Numbers of web free parts.The number of gold is the best part to create a sense of quality. To make it more realistic, I made it close to copper.

It is good for sites handling precious metals.

There is also a way to use it by telephone number etc.

If you use graphic software, you can adjust the talking and you can adjust the texture according to your purpose.

  Example of use  

9 p.m. (21 o'clock) was said to be "the time to sleep for children" before the 1970s, and many families were able to practice that custom.
In the 1950s, at 9:00 pm in the movie theater, the screening of the movie was canceled and there was a guide on the face of the clock telling the screen 9 o'clock on screen during the screening and "Please return customers with children It was.
Until around 1980, some parents used the opening subtitles of opening TV programs beginning at 9 pm, such as Sunday Movie Theater, Toshiba Sunday Theater, News Center 9am, Monday Road Show, etc. to encourage children to go to bed. (Especially at the news center 9 o'clock, there was a dial of the clock to inform the 9 o'clock in the title.)


If you use it, I hope you can spread it in your own country.

The distribution destination is the illustrations AC of famous sites in Japan.

There is a translation tool on the link destination.

Illustration AC has started to expand overseas.

When adding a shadow please copy the image. Please reduce the brightness and copy the copied image to black. If you shift it you can make a shadow.